PushMsg layout


PushMsg is the first project after I began to study what AJAX is and how to implement an AJX application without using 3rd party solution package. I tried to write all the Javascript components embedded in webpage and the server side script by PHP to establish the communication between browser and server by myself. It done.

The Javascript component is writen by object-oriented design and the message display method can be bound to any other HTML component if you want to do the control and art visual by yourself. However you need some HTML/DOM/Javascript knowledge if you decide to make your component base on my script.

Project begin from: 2006, Sep
Version status: Beta 0.3.2


Sample 1

Sample 1 is the standard example. On this sample, it binds the pushmsg behavior to a DIV component which called 'divRotate'. Actually you can bind the behavior to any HTML component but it should be a container to put other component into its DOM structure.

Sample 2

Sample 2 is the example to embed a iframe into web page. Iframe load the "pushmsgbar.php" to abvoid cross-site scripting security limitation. However, on the second sample page the javascript and binding procedure is all the same to the sample 1.

Source & Download

You can download the PushMsg package from here. (version beta-0.3.2 2006-11-17)

After downloaded, extract the zip file. Read the document README.txt for the installation.